Skincare Treatments

Ooh La La Express Facial 35 min $55

A Facial that cleanses, exfoliates, cleanses pores, refreshes, nourishes, and relaxes. A Great lunch time escape!

Ooh La La Facial 50 min $85

Everything that the Express Facial offers with the addition of a skin treatment masque according to your skin type, and a facial massage!

Teen Facial 35 min $55

This facial is great to educate teens on skin care. We cleanse, exfoliate, concentrate on extractions, followed by a mask, and moisturizer!

MANdatory Facial 45 minutes $75

A great facial for men to refresh and help with ingrown hairs! A facial that cleanses, massages, exfoliates, concentrates on extractions, followed by a calming & hydrating mask, and we finish it off with the appropriate serums, hydration, & sunscreen!

Specialty Facials 50 min $99 

A truely luxurious treatment that addresses your skin care concerns with the finest ingredients! Your options are Acne, Hydrating, or Anti aging!

iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial 50 minutes $150

The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Resurfacing Facial is a rejuvenating treatment that bridges the gap between a mild facial and an invasive peel, with no downtime. This facial is results-driven and designed to resurface the skin, treat problematic skin, reduce fine lines and encourage cellular renewal.

iS Clinical Oxygen Facial 50 minutes $150

This fabulous treatment can be used on any skin type. The germicidal action makes it extremely beneficial for acne. The lightening and vasoconstricting capabilities give instant results. The end result is clear and luminous skin with a feeling of firmness. 

Hydrafacial 50 minutes $175

Experience the newest, most advanced non-laser skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation treatment: Hydrafacial. It’s the only hydra dermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, and antioxidant protection. It simultaneously results in clearer, more beautiful skin with no discomfort or downtime. Hydrafacial treatment improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, congested and enlarged pores, oily or acne-prone skin, hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

 Buy a series of 4 $600 series of 6 $850

*Dermplane $85 or you can add it on to any facial for $60

*Add high frequency to any facial for $15


Vi Peel $225 with boosters $275 Series of 3 $575 with boosters $700

VI Peel treatments are designed to remove sun damage, alleviate acne and fight fine lines. VI Peels are safe for all skin types and tones with results in as little as 7 days! #1 Chemical Peel.

ZO Stimulator Peel $275 3 series $700

ZO Stimulator Peel is a medical grade peel. It is a revolutionary beta/alpha acid peel that stimulates cellular turnover. Pre-conditioning is required. Ask your aesthetician for details!

Celluma Pro Light Therapy Series of 8 treatments $350, 1 treatment $55

Celluma Light Add-on to any facial $50

Celluma light therapy is based on LED technology and is the application of light energy to the body for aesthetic benefits. It promotes a natural photo biochemical reaction similar to the process of plant photosynthesis. NASA’s Space Program has proven that LED light therapy (near-infrared) promotes wound healing and human tissue growth. The energy delivered by the LEDs has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, as well as stimulate the production of collagen – the foundation of a healthy and smooth skin.

Skin Pen Microneedling:

 One session face & neck $300.  Series of 4 is recommended, buy 3 get 1 free!

1. SkinPen is a micro-needling tool that uses sharp needles to create tiny holes in your skin. In response to these micro-injuries, your body produces collagen and elastin to heal the wound naturally.  SkinPen doesn’t use chemicals, heat or toxins to burn or remove layers of your skin or paralyze your facial muscle

2. Safe and relatively comfortable. There are minimal side effects and downtime following a SkinPen procedure. Slight swelling and redness/pinkness in the area (like that from a mild sunburn) usually last only two to four days, so you can return to work or social activities quickly. SkinPen has minimal risk of scarring or infections. We use a very strong BLT (betacaine, lidocaine & tetracaine) numbing cream to ensure you are numb and comfortable!

3. Effective for all skin types. Because SkinPen doesn’t affect the epidermis (where the skin pigment resides), it can be used on all skin types. Using Skinfuse skincare products in the Post Procedure Kit can further optimize the results from your procedure. Skinfuse products are specifically designed to give your skin the nutrients it needs at the right time.

Advanced skin care clients also have options to make this treatment more customizable to their specific needs also, if needed.